AddLife -


Triolab Group is part of AddLife – an independent player in life science consisting of about 80 operating subsidiaries in the Labtech and Medtech business areas. AddLife’s employees in different countries all over the world offer high quality products, services, and advisory services. Its customers are primarily hospitals and laboratories within health care, research, colleges and universities, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the Nordics, AddLife is market-leadingin several niche areas of diagnostics, biomedical research, laboratory analysis, and medical technology.


AddLife always strives to improve people’s lives by being a leading and value adding player within life science.

Business concept

AddLife shall offer added value to customers within healthcare, laboratories and research. This shall be achieved by offering cost efficient high-quality products and solutions combined with qualified advisory services to the private and public sectors.

Core values

AddLife’s core values are: Simplicity – Responsibility – Commitment – Innovation. These core values are the guiding principles for the employees in their daily work and play a key role in the business model.

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