Baltic Countries -

    Baltic Countries

    Triolab Group has had an active presence in the Estonian diagnostics market for over 20 years and has expanded to the rest of the Baltics. Our extensive experience and understanding of the local diagnostics and life science market enable an active development of the product range and make it possible for us to offer suppliers a specialist distribution and support organisation.

    • we know how the local healthcare systems are organised and financed
    • we have close contacts in local research and healthcare organisations
    • we work with the local key opinion leaders
    • we speak the local languages

    We operate in all the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    Baltic Country Facts

    Country Population GDP THE IVD IVD/THE
    Estonia 1,3 M 28 000 M€ 1 700 M€ 21 M€ 1,2 %
    Latvia 1,9 M 30 000 M€ 1 800 M€ 30 M€ 1,3 %
    Lithuania 2,8 M 49 000 M€ 3 000 M€ 31 M€ 1,0 %

    Source: MedTech Europe – European IVD Market Statistics Report 2020
    GDP = gross domestic product
    THE = total healthcare expenditure
    IVD = in vitro diagnostics market